What Our Customers Say

Val Calma
I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to the whole CPNIS family for helping me throughout the entire process of my application. It has been an easy and quick journey because of them I am really grateful knowing them through my friend, who was also their client & is now happily settles in Toronto with his wife. Special thanks to Dr. Alemi for always having time to respond to my queries & to Ms. Rowena as well, who extended the same support and assistance to me during the entire process. Thank you very much CPNIS family! Really appreciate your BIG help in making my Canadian dream come true! May you be able to help more Filipinos like me. More power to your team!
Celiz Marie Embuscado
I made the right decision choosing CPNIS to help me achieve my goal of migrating to Canada. The expertise of Dr. Fereidon Alemi and his team ensured that my application was processed smoothly and that my documents were handled properly. Thank you Dr. Alemi. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the teams in both CPNIS Manila and Toronto who have been so patient and accommodating whenever I have inquiries. The moment you step in their office or when  you give them a call, clients were always treated with respect. Thank you Rowena, Malli, Jessa, Jelly, Sanaz, Katty, and everyone who I have coordinated with throughout my application. I wish CPNIS continued success in helping more hopefuls like me reach their Canadian Dream.
Jesse & Monique Batara
The months of our Canada Permanent Residency application are some of the most crucial months in our lives. I have never been so nervous and pressured and excited all at once before. Finally, we are at the brink of starting over in our new home, and this is all because of everyone in CPNIS and their hard work in dealing with our case. Everyone needs their worries silenced from time to time, and that is what Miss Rowena Elum did to us while we impatiently waited for the results to come. I will also be constantly grateful for the consultants – Dr. Fereidon and Ashkan Alemi – for putting our documents together for a successful application under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program. Not everything comes easy, that’s for sure. But when you have professionals in your wing who have had extensive experience in what they do, there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Now, we can get ready to go home -- to the home we've never been to -- and we have the whole team of CPNIS to thank for that.
Shelley Jo Saracin
I first met Dr. Alemi in 2010 when he told me I was qualified for a PR Visa to Canada. But back then I was not ready to immigrate, so I forgot about Canada and CPNIS. Six years later, in January 2016, I found those old CPNIS papers detailing what to do and how much to pay and everything else about CPNIS' services. I already had my Master's degree then and there was no reason to not apply for a Canadian Visa. So in February 2016, six years after I first met him, I met with Dr. Alemi again. He asked me: "You've been here before. Are you serious this time?" I was. And so I began my application for a PR Visa to Canada. Even if Canadian Immigration will tell you that you can apply independently, I chose CPNIS to represent me because of their professional expertise. I also chose them because their consultants are registered with the CIC (I checked many times!). They will advise you, give you checklists, and answer your many many questions. I know because I email them often (usually Dr. Alemi) and I message the staff and Ms. Rowena a lot as well. Having professionals take care of the details for you makes a world of difference. They will be the ones to worry about your application and advice you of what you need to do to get your visa. You just follow their instructions. Once you have submitted all your documents (which is a lot of personal legwork), all you need to do is pray and wait. Thank you, CPNIS!
Bryan Suriaga and Sheryl Mae Suriaga
Applying for work abroad is very difficult and entails too much hustle. More so when an individual or the whole family applies as immigrant to a country like Canada. In our expertise, during the processing stage of our application as immigrant to Canada, it is in our mind that it must be too physically, mentally and financially difficult and will cause a lot of work and much money. However our apprehension was wrong. We are indeed so thankful that we entrust the processing of our application as immigrant to Canada with the help of CPNIS. Thank you so much because through the untiring assistance and patience, our long time dream to migrate to Canada was made possible. We would like also to extend our gratitude to DR F. Alemi and Mr A. Alemi for their expertise in handling our application. Also to Ms Rowena, Ms Jelly, Ms Katty and to everyone who have coordinated with us all throughout the process. God bless and we hope that you continue to help more families to make Canada their next home.
Joanne Tan
"Thank you so much CPNIS team for your support and guidance. We have been aspiring to migrate abroad and gain better opportunities for our family, and with the help of CPNIS we were able to achieve this instantaneously. We are sincerely grateful to Dr. Alemi, Ms. Weng, Katty, and the rest of the CPNIS team." Sincerely,
May Dela Cruz
When I graduated from college and passed the nursing board, it was already my dream to go to abroad particularly the country of Canada. Thanks to Dr. Fereidon Alemi my dream was made possible. Thru his expertise and ever helping hand, my visa for permanent residency in Canada was issued this October 2017. For prospective clients who wants to live permanently in Canada as their second home, do not hesitate to approach Dr. Alemi and company because for sure when your papers will land in their office. One hundred percent you are in good hands.
Agnes & Markus
God has perfect timing, never early, never late, it takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it's worth the wait.. Wow! Dreams do come true! We really want to thank Sir Ashkan Alemi, Dr Alemi, Ma'am Rowena and Ma'am jelly for patiently guiding us with our complicated application. We really thank you so much for all your support, guidance from the passing of our requirements and through all the process. To Sir Ashkan and Dr Alemi who never hesitate to give positive attitude, response to my every consultation and all my frequent late night nonstop emails which is I know it annoys you sometimes. It's not easy to get accepted to Canada but you really did help us. A million thanks! We truly appreciate everything. I and Markus was very happy and excited to start our future together! I'm really going to CANADA! To all the staff of CPNIS thank you so much for the hospitality. We are forever grateful.. God bless you CPNIS. Dream truly did come true!
Humprey S. Davad, BSN, RN, MAN
I would like to thank CPNIS especially to Dr. F Alemi & Ashkan Alemi for the outstanding assistance that you have extended to me and my family through the whole process of acquiring a Permanent Residence Visa in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. Undeniably, acquiring one entails a rigorous process and yet CPNIS truly made it easier for me. I appreciate the transparency in every stage with the help and assistance from your awesome staff (special mention to Mrs. Rowena). I lost count of all the number of email exchanges and meetings that we had. You and your team were really understanding, approachable and patient in guiding me through all the tasks. Indeed, your services are of the highest quality that anyone could ask for. With your help, I will be reunited with my family in Canada and I am a step closer to my vision. Again, thank you CPNIS! Kudos and more power!
Greetings! This is to express my utmost gratitude to Dr. Alemi, and his staff, for their invaluable expertise and dedicated service in securing the VISA Application for my son. My family and I will always be grateful for this opportunity to start anew in the beautiful country of Canada. Dr. Alemi is perhaps the most reliable and accommodating person that I have met in my life. His willingness to help my situation and to extend a helping hand beyond his professional boundaries is truly a mark of character. I highly recommend CPNIS and most especially, Dr. Alemi, to anyone who wishes to begin a new life in Canada, because not only your dreams and aspirations of moving there will be greatly valued, but they will also personally see to it that you will not feel alone or taken for granted throughout the whole process. Yours truly,