What Our Customers Say

Idina Legarda
Firstly, this is to express my deepest gratitude for the CPNIS team, most especially, Dr. Alemi, for their outmost dedication in obtaining my visa for Canada. I would like to single out how committed they all are in making sure that their client gets what they need, in terms of support, service, information, and most importantly, advice. Through their efficient services, I was able to secure my visa in a short amount of time in comparison to the usual waiting time. Secondly, I'd like to extend my appreciation for their efforts to process my application despite the many difficulties that my situation gave rise to. As I began my application from the Philippines, and relocated to Qatar up until my visa arrived. As such, communication and updating proved complicated. However, the CPNIS team headed by Dr. Alemi, were very cooperative and accommodating in many aspects of the process, and their efforts proved to be very successful. Lastly, because of the timely way the visa was approved, many of my acquaintances have inquired on what services I used. At this, I would highly recommend the services of CPNIS, Dr. Alemi in particular, to anyone who wishes to process the visa application to Canada. They will be assured of efficient services, dedicated staff support and a committed team working to obtain what you aim for. Again, my sincerest gratitude to CPNIS and to Dr. Alemi. More Power and Regards!
Dear Ashkan & Dr. Alemi, I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2018! This is an overdue thank you and testimonial... We did a successful "short landing" in Vancouver in December, everything went well, we opened a bank account and completed all the paperwork we needed. Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your patience in guiding us through the process. Needless to say our case was a difficult one because of all the many countries we had studied, lived and worked in. My family and I really appreciate all the effort you and your team put in and hope to continue staying in touch. Wishing you more success. Best regards,
Sps Christian Paul and Anna Marie Ruiz
Wow! Just got word from Katty and Rowena that the Government of Canada had reached a positive decision on our PR application and already requested the submission of our passports for stamping of Visa. I'm simply amazed by your professionalism and most especially the speed in which you carry out your obligation. One month and done! It was stress-free for us throughout the whole process. Thank you so much! Sincerely yours,
Mr. And Mrs. Tacdoro
We would like to say thank you for the EXCELLENT way you handled our application. In spite if complexity in our status because of returned previous applications handled by another consultant, various places of jobs and different company experiences, complication on acquiring police certificate abroad, and several more hindrances, you still did it right. Special thanks to Dr. Fereidon Alemi, Mr. Ashkan Alemi, Ms. Rowena Elum and Ms. Jelly Miras. Every query, every concern, you patiently answered and taken care of.
Paul, Anne, Joaquin Ruiz
Time flies so fast and It is only a matter of three weeks before our anticipated landing in Toronto in June 2018. I look back at all the things that transpired in the last couple of months and I still can’t believe that we will finally be making our way to Canada as a permanent resident. Not all aspirants are given the opportunity to experience what Canada has to offer and we are so blessed to be given this chance. Immigrating to another country is a big decision and immigration goals can be very difficult to achieve if you don’t have a partner to lean on. How do you start? Which immigration program is ideal for me? What documents and credentials are needed? What are my chances for success? I’m afraid of misrepresentation, how can I avoid one? You think about these stuff and ask these questions all the time and your stress level raises to a higher level. The game changer? CPNIS! When our registered consultants picked up the slack and represented our application, it boosted our morale and our confidence started to kick in knowing that they will do everything in their knowledge and expertise to bring us that coveted PR Visa and make our Canadian dreams come true. I would like to extend my heartfelt and sincerest gratitude to Dr. Alemi, Ashkan and Arman who lead the way and processed our application. It was silky smooth! After receiving our ITA in November 2017 and clearing up medicals in December, our much sought visas were finally stamped in early February 2018. That’s speed right at the get go! If they will tell you they will get the job done, they will deliver and keep their promise. They really mean business. They exploit speed for better services. Special thanks also go to Rowena Elum for responding always to my communications and sticking with us throughout the whole process from start to finish. Thank you for your passion and commitment to serve your clients. To Karen, Jelly, Kathy and the rest of the CPNIS crew in Manila and Toronto, thank you for all your efforts and for being part of our journey to Canada. I would definitely recommend CPNIS to my colleagues and peers. If you’re serious about your move to Canada, please take a realistic assessment, be competitive, know the current immigration news and let CPNIS handle your application and take you to the promise land. Lots of love,
Abigail Mariano & Juan Carlo Dela Rosa
Meycauayan City, Bulacan
ver since we got engaged, it has become our biggest goal to move to a place full of wonderful opportunities for us to prosper as we build our life together. Canada has always been our top choice. However, applying for an immigrant visa can be a very daunting task considering the complexity of the process and the level of precision each of the required information entails. As both of us are very much preoccupied with our day jobs, we really need all the help we can get. Signing up with Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made. The amazing team in their Manila office has enabled us to complete all the cumbersome paperwork with much ease and great confidence. We would like to specifically commend Dr. F. Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi for eagerly answering all our questions and giving us sound advice in some crucial decisions we had to make. They gave us very clear, specific instructions in every consultation session and have coached us on several aspects to further improve our chances of getting our application approved in the most efficient way. Similarly, all their highly competent staff like Ms. Rowena Elum and Ms. Jelly Miras have been nothing less than accommodating, even going out of their way to deliver some special requests. With the approval of our immigrant visa, the first step in fulfilling our life-long dreams has finally turned into reality. We can never put enough emphasis on the importance of finding the right people to help you make it happen. Undoubtedly, we could not have chosen a better partner in reaching this significant milestone in our lives than CPNIS.
Glenda B. Pernitez
City of Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines
Not in my wildest dreams did I think that the time would come that I would be given the chance to leave the country and be reunited with my family members in Canada. Indeed, God has his own ways to make things happen, especially if it is really meant for you. And in my case He used CPNIS! First, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to team CPNIS, especially to Dr. Alemi, for their utmost dedication in obtaining my Visa to Canada. I would like to commend their commitment to their jobs which us to make sure that their clients get what they need, from numerous advices, to release of Visa. Second, I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for their efforts in processing my visa application despite the difficulties I encountered. Their willingness to help me in my situation and extend a helping hand beyond their professional boundaries is truly a mark of character. And lastly, to anyone who wishes to begin a new life in Canada, let CPNIS do the work because not only your dreams and aspirations of moving there will be greatly valued, but they will also personally see to it that you will not feel alone or taken for granted throughout the whole process. Again, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding and excellent service. I was able to secure my visa in a short amount of time in comparison to the usual waiting time. Kudos! More power and keep up the good work CPNIS!!
Allan Tutanes Alcazar and Annalyn K. Alcazar
Dear Dr. Alemi, Hi Doc, hope you’re doin fine today doc. We already submitted the requirements needed such as passports and pictures and i already signed visa forms this morning. Doc, i would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you for not giving up on us. Those times that i almost give up, lost and hesitant to continue, and you were there not just an adviser but as a father knows what is best for his son. With your proper guidance from then on i felt the warm and in good hands. i started to listen, continue to do my part. Thank you is not enough, these are all be carried through our journey and for the rest of our lives. all i can say is that we came to the right place I hope that you continue to help more and never stop helping. More power to the company Respectfully yours,
Allan & Annalyn
Moving to Canada can be one difficult decision to make and will take a while for many individuals like me with such zero idea of what I'm about to take. But with CPNIS, they made it easy for me. After that one-on-one consultation, this services got my attention and made me believed that my life would change before I knew it. And yes indeed! It is happening. All promises CPNIS made are becoming into reality. With proper guidance of the team led by Dr. Alemi, in which I would like to take this opportunity extending my gratitude to Ms Rowena, Mr. Ashkan for making these possible. Dream Canada, come to CPNIS!
Angelie Rose L. Palacios
I started my journey with CPNIS with full confidence. They are fully dedicated in their work, ensuring excellence in their services. Every consultation was fruitful knowing that my concerns were properly addressed. I am thankful to the whole team - to Maam Rowena for all the encouragement and guidance and most of all to Dr. F. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan Alemi and Attorney Arman Alemi for all the support in ensuring my application was a success. Now I can live my dream and continue my success in Canada. thank you for being a part of my journey CPNIS! Angelie Rose L. Palacios