What Our Customers Say

 R. & V. Pueblo
Dear Dr. Alemi, Congratulations to all of us for the job well done.  Our gratitude to you is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that our application is sufficiently rewarded by the performance of your co-workers and that we successfully have our Canada Visa and confirmation of permanent resident in Canada. Me and my husband would like to thank you Dr. Alemi and CPNIS family for everything that happens to our Canada Visa processing.  We look forward for more success from your company in the future.  You can assure us that we will spread this good news to our family, friend and acquaintance that we highly recommend CPNIS to them. You did a good job Dr. Alemi and CPNIS family more power and success: From, R. & V. Pueblo
Dear Dr. Alemi, We arrived here in Red Deer, Alberta a few days ago. With my wife, Alexis and our 10 month old son, Radley. it was as if we were in a dream sequence of some sort. Way back in the Philippines a couple of years ago, my wife was working as a financial administration officer at Korean Air and I worked as a regular actor for some popular television shows. I thought we were living the ultimate dream with our respective careers. I am also a part-time registered nurse but I know that career wouldn't suffice for our future, especially my wife was pregnant that time with our first boy. Before we got married in 2009, as a part-time nurse, I had the luxury of choosing my schedule. So it was when I trained at the Philippine Heart Center as a renal nurse that I knew about CPNIS. My co-trainee introduced me to the CPNIS website. My wife, who was my girlfriend then, was supportive of me to have the agency pave the way to my long-time dream to work abroad. I was completing the necessary requirements when I got called for a special role in an upcoming tv show, May Bukas Pa. I then strayed away from my Canadian dream. A year after, I got married and my project was over. I also passed my NCLEX exam but no good opportunities for me to work abroad. It was then that turned to CPNIS again. But when doctor Alemi interviewed me again, he suggested I update and upgrade my application to family/immigrant visa instead of working visa when I was still single. I was amazed at this information. So I did everything that was needed for me to do, passed all my requirements on time, met with doctor Alemi everytime he was in the Philippines. And thank God, after 1 year, our immigrant visas arrived. We were so happy and really surprised that we are finally about to live the dream of our lives. And that's my story. Everytime friends of mine ask me how we got immigrant visas, I tell them it's because of CPNIS. We are so thankful to doctor Alemi, and his company, for their warmth, kindness and honesty.  If not for CPNIS we wouldn't be here in Canada. Thank you, CPNIS. With much gratefulness, Robin, Alexis and Radley T.
Dr. bzj & family 
Detailed knowledge of the immigration process was evident and excellent guidance was provided at every step. Thank you for all your efforts in helping us acquire our permanent resident status in an easy and in a quick manner. We appreciate Dr. F. Alemi's consultation that made such a huge inspiration in our case. We appreciate CPNIS' efficient and effective services in helping us acquire ourImmigrant status. We would recommend them to anybody for their excellent and expert knowledgeable staff and services--- to name some: Nazi Rut and Janet Tehrani of CPNIS Canada; Ms. Lee, Ms. Theresa, Ms. Sheena and Ms. Reesa of CPNIS Manila. We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to both of you --Dr. F. Alemi and Sir Ashkan and the rest of CPNIS team. We are certain that your help was critical to the success of our case and we are so happy that we followed your advice.You supported the application through every step, helped us develop and collate the necessary documentation (and there were lots of documents!) and ensured our application was comprehensive. May God bless you all mightily for the outstanding work you do to bring lives in Canada. We will happily refer you to anyone that comes into our path requiring immigration visa services. A great service and we will certainly use them again. Regards, Dr. bzj & family    
G. and M. Soltero
Our application of our Immigration Visa was accurately delivered through the help of CPNIS. I would like to thank Dr. Alemi and all the staff for giving us an informative process so we can contribute to make our application easier.  After all we've been through, a dream is now a reality.  A better living for my family and me waits in Canada.  Having business with CPNIS is a great experience.  The laws that govern Canadian Immigration are well discussed.  The step-by-step process is executed precisely. Truly the passion of CPNIS of brining qualified applicants in Canada is the number 1 reason why their service is excellent.   Thank you and Mabuhay!   G. and M. Soltero
Michael Angelo T. C. and Family
Dear CPNIS, We would like to thank Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services (CPNIS) for the excellent service in helping us obtaining our Immigrant Visa. It was such an accommodating experience as we were showered by the professional support from Dr. Fereidon Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi down to the staff and their incomparable expertise in handling cases which made us feel very secured and satisfied. We will be forever grateful to CPNIS, for being a huge part on our future success in Canada. Sincerely yours, Michael Angelo T. C. and Family
I am very grateful to Provincial Nominee for making possible the realization of my and my family's dream of migrating to Canada.  I am very satisfied to the services they offered. P.Vitamog
Karen Dianne S. S
I would like to thank Dr. Fereidon Alemi, Mr. Ashkan Alemi and the whole CPNIS family for helping me realize my dream of migrating to Canada.  Their commitment to assist through their expert advice from the very start until the final step of my application as a great support to achieve my goal. Likewise, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to Ms. Ivy, Ms. Teresa and Ms. Rowena for their unconditional patience during the process. May you continue to help every individual to pursue their dreams and plans of living in Canada More Power!!!! Sincerely,   Karen Dianne S. S
Sir; Your assurance in saying that 99% is yours and 1% is mine is really commendable and a REALITY that you can TRUST attaining our DREAMS to have a greener pasture in CANADA.  You really paved the WAY for us, especially to my children to realize their dreams to live in a first world country like CAN ADA.  You and your STAFF in CPNIS deserves to be commended in the utmost level for HELPING us and MANY OTHERS in our QUEST TO LIVE and have a better life in Canada. Sir, with all my heart I say..... THANK YOU SO MUCH and MORE POWER! GOD BLESS!!! We will never FORGET your GREAT EFFORT in HELPING US to be an IMMIGRANT in CANADA and this has become a DEBT OF GRATITUDE to you for us to keep in our minds for a LIFETIME. Respectfully,   J.A.J
Machael S.
Dear CPNIS, My Auntie and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to CPNIS family, especially to Dr. Fereidon Alemi and Ashkan Alemi, as well as to their staff Ms. Rowena for their excellent service.  When my auntie is looking for someone to help us realize our dream in migrating to Canada, she asked for a prayer request and CPNIS was the answer to her prayer. The first time I met Dr. Alemi, I am certain that he will bring me to Canada! With CPNIS exceptional service our dream is now a reality. I have my VISA now! Thank you very much CPNIS and may God bless you more! Sincerely, Machael S.
Reyfred, Hazzel, and Franchesca
Hi Dr. Alemi, Good day, I would to inform you that we are here in Canada now. I'm very sorry that i send you this email quite late, my apology. I left Singapore last July 29, 2013 and head back to the Philippines and do the preparation and  arrived in Vancouver on August 25, 2013 at 1400 hours. We would to thank you and your great staff for the efforts that you had made traveling across South East Asia region especially in Singapore. Let me grab this chance to broadcast to everyone out there that CPNIS or Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services is your ultimate key in coming to Canada. They know well all the twist and turns in the application process, they don't overcharge you, everything is in writing so very transparent. Dr. Feridion Alemi is for real, if you guys out there have several questions about its credibility you can drop me a message in the FB, key in my name Reyfred Albacite and I will be glad to answer you. So don't waste the precious time coz the clock is ticking fast. Once again thank you, thank you, and thank you very much for your help. Cheers, Regards, Reyfred, Hazzel, and Franchesca