What Our Customers Say

Madelle Ordonez
Dear Dr. Alemi, It has been my dream to go to Canada and explore opportunities that will bring me stability and success in life.  To achieve this, I decided to search for an agency that would help me.  It took me months of talking to colleagues, surfing the net and reading advertisements to find an agency that would suit my need.   After the long search,   I found an established company authorized to properly handle transactions and communicate with the Canadian government.  Dr Alemi understood exactly what I needed and gave me clear instructions on how to be a permanent resident in Canada.  With regard to transactions, assessments and processing fees, all were made with   transparency and integrity.  I got up- to -date information via email, sms message and call on the status of my application and other requirements.  After several months,   I am now leaving for Canada filled with excitement and hope that I'll have a brighter future.  Thank you Dr Alemi and the very accommodating staff of CPNIS!  Now I am one step closer in fulfilling my dream and making it a reality. Sincerely, Madelle Ordonez
Giseline Gil Labagala
Hi Dr Alemi and the whole CPNIS Team, In behalf of my whole family, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the assistance that you have extended to us on our MPNP application. I would also like to thank Katty Mac, Miss Rowena and the rest of your Manila Team for always ready in answering all my queries.  Without CPNIS, we could not reach this far, and we were so happy to receive our letter of approval from MPNP as our first step to immigrate to Canada and fulfill our family's dreams. Thank you very much. Giseline Gil Labagala
Tony & Daisy
We are beyond words in expressing our gratitude to the people who made it all possible! Before we met Dr. Alemi and CPNIS, our only wish is to bring our children with us when go to Canada in our next visit as tourists. Little did we know that our wish will be granted and more! My whole family is scheduled to leave for Toronto in July not as visitors , but with Canadian immigrant visas! Ours is a very difficult and challenging case, the fear that we will not make it is always there. But Dr. Alemi and his team were always there, supporting us, giving us expert advices, guiding us in every step of the way, providing answers to each and every question that we have and keeping us focused whenever difficulties arise. Coupled with our prayers, positive attitude and our good intentions to be law-abiding citizens of Canada, we are now just a stone's throw away from the land of our dreams. In return, we commit ourselves to contribute our talent and skills to the ever growing economy of Canada, which we believe is the main reason why Canada wants us. We will forever be grateful to you, Dr. Alemi, Rowena and the rest of the CPNIS team! We will be your walking advertisements of the excellent service that you are providing to your clients. We were not mistaken when we chose you, and we know other would-be immigrants will say the something to you. Till then, see you in Toronto! Tony & Daisy
Mrs. Cruz and Family
To Dr. F. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan, and all CPNIS Staff: We can't thank you enough for assisting us in our Immigrant Visa to Canada. We thought that we could no longer have the chance to fullfill our dream to reach Canada due to wrong submission of documents, but with the help of CPNIS, most especially Dr. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan, Miss Rowena, we were able to acquire our most awaited visa. They know the twist and turns of the application process very well. Words are not enough to thank you all for everything that you've done to us and we hope that you will continue to help more Filipinos who would like to migrate to Canada. Many thanks and God bless us all. Mrs. Cruz and Family
John and Pearl Remoroza
We would like to send our warmest thanks to the CPNIS family, Dr. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan and Ms. Rowena for being very helpful on our journey. Our case was not easy and we we're very uncertain at times. We almost gave up when it was getting a bit tiring with all the documents and deadlines. I know there are many applicants like us who feel unprepared and doubtful that Canada life maybe is not for them, we felt that along the way but that's where the magic of CPNIS comes in. They will boost your hopes and always try to get you back on track, that's what we felt. Then after the long process, suddenly we are notified for Medical Exams and that's when we crammed because that's the time we felt that their tagline was really true, they did exploit speed for us, and now all we have to worry is to decide when we plan to fly. Our dream of living in Canada is now becoming a reality and it's all because of CPNIS. We can't think of any way that we can get through this successfully without CPNIS. We really have no regrets with CPNIS, everything was all worth the wait! John and Pearl Remoroza
Mr. & Mrs. Erol Guadalupe
Our sincerest appreciation to CPNIS for fulfilling our Canadian dreams. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company has provided. We appreciate the help and guidance extended to us through the whole process in getting our Canadian Visa. CPNIS has consistently made extra efforts in assisting us in completing the required documents on time. Special thanks to Dr. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan and Ms. Rowena for being so patient in answering our queries and concerns and for rendering invaluable assistance and tireless efforts just to meet with the requirements needed by the Canadian Government. The money and time spent was all worth it. We never had any doubts that we will be able to get our Visas through CPNIS. More power to the company and God Bless! Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. Erol Guadalupe
Jeanette L.
Dear Dr Alemi and CPNIS Staff, Before I signed up for CPNIS, I was only reading testimonials on your website imagining how thankful are your client for your help and assistance. And now I know how it feels because I experienced it myself making my own testimonials. The idea of going to Canada was just a big dream before that turn into reality because I made the right choice of entrusting my big dream to your consultancy. True enough, you help your client to reach their goals of achieving their dreams to live a new life in Canada. CPNIS, is the only Best choice as a pathway to fulfill your dreams of migrating to Canada. Thank you, Jeanette L.
Rommel Sudan
I express my sincere Gratitude to the Staff of CPNIS, especially to Dr. Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi, for their help and support on my permanent Residence Application. Its has been a great challenge to comply with the requirements , but in the End It was worth it, I now have my Visa, and im departing next month,  to have a New career, new opportunities, and new life. Once again, Thank you very much and God bless you and more power.   -Rommel Sudan
To CPNIS Family, Mr. Ashkan Alemi, Dr. Alemi, Ms. Rowena Elum, Words are not enough to express my sincerest gratitude for helping me achieve my dream of Migrating to Canada. Your expert evaluations and advices yielded what most aspiring to applicants helped and expected ------- SUCCESS!!! I shall be forever indebted to CPNIS, and I will recommend your services to my family and friends who wish to Migrate to Canada.   SGB
Karla Lou Adolfo
For CPNIS My application has been made easier because of the assistance I got from the agency. When they say something they really meant it, I was impress by the way they handle my application most especially in giving specific date as to when my papers/documents will arrive. I would recommend the agency to the aspiring applicants who value their time and finances at the people who do the same. Again thank you CPNIS for making my dream a reality. God bless CPNIS family and more power. I already have my visa right now and I will be departing next month to see a new world which the agency aided to happen.   Sincerely, Karla Lou Adolfo