What Our Customers Say

Jihan Pichay Dela Cruz and family
Dear Dr. Alemi, Sir Ashkan, to the whole CPNIS team; " I will bring you to Canada." This was Dr. Alemi's exact lines  a year ago, true to his words it happened. Everything that you said, time frames, and assurances were real. Our confidence to your firm is overwhelming, that it made us recommend your firm to my friends . Time and money was well invested. My family and I wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to you doctor, and Mr. Ashkan, the whole company and staffs for the overwhelming support and assistance while we were processing our application. We cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and expertise of your team, special mention goes to Ms. Rowena Elum, adding to that the very friendly and approachable gesture that you had extended during the process. We will be landing in Calgary, Alberta this October. And YES, we couldn't have done it without you. God bless and More power.   Sincerely, Jihan Pichay Dela Cruz and family
christine caharian
Today marks the second week since my visa was handed over to me but the joy and excitement still lingers. It is so overwhelming to know that my Canadian Dream is now a reality. I  thank God for CPNIS who did  such a great job in helping me secure my visa. The payment was all worth it. CPNIS has been referred to me by a friend and i would like to do the same with my friends too who aspires to be in a Canada. Thanks also to you Sir Ashkan for the help. My visa came out a lot earlier than i expected. More power to CPNIS... Christine caharian
Cherrylou Almohdar
As a proud nurse from the Philippines, it has always been my passion to enter the medical field and cater to patients suffering from various illnessess and to aid in healing the sick. I've always been proud of my profession, and it is my lifelong dream to explore the opportunities waiting for me abroad that would satisfy my thirst for serving humanity. I've done some thorough researching on different agencies, looking for the right one to provide my needs - an agency I can trust in leading me to the right place. Alas, I found a bonafide agency legally authorized to handle transactions and communications with the Canadian governement. CPNIS definitely met all the criteria of a trustworthy agency. I owe my success to Dr Alemi, the person who patiently guided me from the start to finish. Dr Alemi and CPNIS are very transparent with the processing of papers and transaction fees. Iwas always updated with the phase of my application through email, text, and call - a quality you don't easily get in other companies. In a few months, I will be leaving for Canada with nothing but gratitude and thanks to Dr Alemi and CPNIS. Thank you for giving me this rare opportunity to serve humanity abroad. A few years from now, I am definitely sure that I will be telling legendary stories on my venture in Canada, and CPNIS definitely be a part of my success story. Thank you!   Very yours truly, Cherrylou Almohdar
Charmaine and Zane Paolo Pasion
Praise the Lord for a "dream come true"! Praise the Lord for a "CPNIS existence"! After twice being swindled by agencies, I was so depressed that I finally decided to let go of my dream to migrate to Canada. I have to accept it was not meant to be. I tried to focus on my work but every now and then, this dream kept haunting me. Until, I was blessed with a son that I started thinking of his future. He's so precious to me that I would move heaven and earth to give him the best in life. A quality life, in a world of peace and plenty. That is to me...Canada I met Dr Alemi thru a friend who has now migrated to Canada. As he talks, he looks you in the eye and you could mirror his honesty, trustworthiness and willingness to help. He explains thoroughly what you need to undergo. As I left his office, hope revived me. I told myself, "this is it". I'll take a risk one more time. I was sure this is the last and my dreams will be fulfilled. I signed up to CPNIS. True enough, after months of waiting with CPNIS tireless effort and invaluable assistance, I now hold our VISA. Words won't suffice to say how appreciative and thankful I am to Dr Alemi, Mr Ashkan, and the CPNIS staff for paving the way for us "new life". God Bless! Charmaine and Zane Paolo Pasion
Dear CPNIS, First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the whole CPNIS team, especially to Dr.F, Mr. Ashkan, Ms. Rowena, and to all the CPNIS team both Manila and Toronto office for realizing our dream to migrate to Canada. Thank you so much for the unlimited patience in answering our queries and following up our papers enthusiastically with the Canadian government. We have no regrets.  I know we have a long way to go in terms of establishing ourselves in Canada but we are on the right track in fulfilling all our aspirations. The road that we experienced before attaining our permanent residency visa in Canada was very bumpy. My wife and I are both nurses here in the Philippines and at first, we applied for the federal skilled program. Unfortunately, we were not able to pass all the requirements needed in time causing our application to get stagnant and eventually the whole federal skilled program was revised and we were stuck waiting for months for news for it to change again. Actually, it was my fault because I did not take the IELTS exam immediately and because of this Dr. F scolded me??(in his own direct to the point way). Honestly speaking, all our hope was lost that time and we had no where to go. Still Dr. F reassured and told us that "YOU ARE GOING TO CANADA"! This gave us hope. All of a sudden, a new program opened up and immediately they advised us to take it. It was the social support program in Manitoba. All we needed to do was find a relative, or even a friend that will support us socially when we reach Manitoba. Fortunately for us, I had a highschool classmate living there and we talked and she was more than happy to help us. They gave us all the requirements and after that it was smooth sailing. CPNIS made it easy for us, all we had to do was be ready and give all the necessary documents and fees everytime they asked and the rest was history. After 4 months (from the day our documents submitted to the embassy) we received our approval letter. When Ms. Rowena called us and informed us that our Visa has arrived, I can say that it is the best and perfect Christmas gift we ever had. All of these will never be possible if were'nt for the hardwork of all the CPNIS team who took time, effort and patience to cater all the necessary things that needs to be done for our application. Until now, it's still very surreal to us that WE ARE GOING TO CANADA!!!??... THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING CPNIS. MORE POWER AND GOD BLESS!!! -LLOYD IRVING I. MILLANAR and Family
Vanessa Jaramillo
Dear Mr F. Alemi and Mr A. Alemi, Below is the testimonial i have made for you. Thank you very much. God bless. Dear CPNIS, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great help in assisting me get to where I am now. You are one truly dependable and trustworthy. My decision to seek your service was worthwhile. You really made sure that I would comply to all the requirements and you were there from beginning to end and supported me all the way. For those who are reading this, let me tell you this, this was how CPNIS worked with me. I completed all the necessary documents by February 2014, and by March 2014 my application was already being processed. By July 2014 my application was approved and by early August 2014 I already got my visa. And now September 2014 I already landed here in Toronto. The journey with CPNIS was truly worth it. Thank you CPNIS! You will always be remembered and recommended. Sincerely yours, Vanessa Jaramillo
Michael D. Y.
A very good friend of the family recommended CPNIS to my husband and I.  With no hesitation, we visited the CPNIS office the next day and we were met by Dr. Alemi and his team of professionals. The rest I can say is history because (and I am typing this with a BIG smile) we are also leaving for Canada! *happy dance* The big move to Canada can be overwhelming and a great unknown for most of us. All we have is the internet and the hearsays of others to tell us how it's done, but we can't rely on everything we hear and read online. The Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services (CPNIS) provides and delivers professional advice and assistance we need in each crucial stage to the next. From day one of our consultation, we saw that they were very careful in handling and putting together all our documents. Dr. Alemi and Mr. Ashkan both gave us their most honest judgement and although worry is something we cannot avoid, they assured us every step of the way. Most importantly, they delivered and very true to their word.  We just have to trust the process and most of all trust God that His time is the most perfect time. CPNIS has become family throughout this part of our journey to Canada and their good hearts and good works will be our word of mouth to anyone who dreams of going to Canada. Thank you, Ms. Rowena Elum for your professionalism and your never-ending patience. Thank you, Mr. Ashkan and to Dr. Alemi - my husband and I, together with our families, are truly happy we took this journey with you. God bless CPNIS! See you all in Canada! -Michael D. Y.
Noelle Alava
Dear Dr Alemi, I would like to thank you for your assistance with my immigration application to Canada. I am now in Canada and recently just received my permanent resident card.   I'm happy to tell you that I got settled in quite quickly and got a good job offer within a month after I arrived here in July 2014. Thank you again! 🙂 Noelle Alava
Bandiola Family
Dear CPNIS, Migrating to Canda was once a dream, but because of CPNIS our dream becomes a reality. We sincerely thank you for the services rendered to us. The experience will never be forgotten. We will surely tell our friends, co-workers and family how you made everything possible. We will be leaving this coming November 2014. Thank you so much anbd God bless us all. Regards to Ma'am Rowena and to all the staff.   Sincerely, Bandiola Family
Leonardo V.
I am very thankful, honoured and grateful to CPNIS, the staff and especially Dr. Alemi, with their unlimited patience in answering my queries and following up my papers enthusiastically with the Canadian government. I have no regrets in utilising their services starting the day I had first visited their office in Ortigas, Manila. All of their staff members were helpful, approachable and kind to their applicants and clients. It only took 4 months until I had finally reached the final stages to receive my permanent resident visa to Canada. Many interested applicants asked me of how I did it and I referred them to contact your office. May your office serve as an instrument in helping other aspiring applicants to achieve their dreams. Thank you and more power.   Leonardo V.