About Us

About Us

Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services (CPNIS)

CPNIS is an authorized Canadian immigration firm, operating under the strict supervision of licensed Canadian immigration practitioners, Dr. A. Alemi. They are members in good standing with the Immigration and Refugee Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (RCIC). The Council is tasked with regulating the conduct of immigration professionals in Canada and derives its operational mandate from the Government of Canada.

CPNIS is one of the largest Canadian immigration firms comprised of an expert professional team of RCIC members and licensed lawyers authorized to act as Canadian immigration and Refugee counsel. CPNIS operates in over 44 countries around the world and has the expert resources to accurately assess all immigration and refugee matters.

Our Canadian head office is located at Unit 1000,4950 Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario with a Western Canadian office located in Calgary, Alberta. Combined with its Asia-Pacific office located in Manila, CPNIS currently serves over 108,000 applicants from around the globe.

CPNIS provides all types of immigration services and processes all categories of Federal and Provincial Visa applications. Additionally, CPNIS is able to assist applicants in obtaining their regulated profession licensing before and after arrival in Canada.

We welcome you to meet with one of our licensed practitioners, around the globe. We can meet with you to discuss your immigration concerns from claiming File Number, Medical Documents to Visa Pickup, as well as free assessment and consultation.

With a proven track record, we are confident that our services are rendered with the highest quality and care. We are committed to give individual attention to each and every client needs to ensure the likelihood of their success. If you have a strong desire to live and work in Canada and enjoy all its freedoms, rights, benefits and social securities, we can help you reach that goal in a simplified and expedient manner.

Our immigration professionals have the depth of knowledge and expertise to provide step-by-step advice on all Canadian immigration matters, regulations, policies and procedure. Additionally, we can assist in filing your application in the appropriate immigration program so that you can become reunited with your siblings, parents and loved ones in Canada.

After delivery of your Visa, we will arrange an informative meeting regarding your arrival, settlement and employment in Canada.

For an initial free assessment of your case, please complete the application form and submit it electronically, by fax or mail. A representative will contact you within one business day upon receipt of your assessment.


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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our immigration professionals come from diverse legal, business, and cultural backgrounds. We invite you to review our team’s biography and professional experience.

Federally licensed Canadian Immigration Counsel ( CICC )