Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Canadian News
The Financial Post
This site provides the business community of the financial happenings within Canada.
Canadian Corporate News
This site provides news and information about Canada.
The Canadian Press
This site is a National news co-operative of Canada’s daily newspapers.
The Toronto Star
This site provides individuals with the daily news of Toronto and its surroundings.
Canada Newswire
This site provides the media and financial community with news releases through its integrated multi-technology approach.
CBC National Radio News
This site is Canada’s largest news-gathering organization that gives listeners more immediate coverage of local news throughout the day
Globe and Mail
This site provides current news on Canada focusing on employment and National Issues.
Maclean’s Magazine
This is Canada’s newsmagazine containing articles on Canadian culture, politics, the economy and much more.

Information on obtaining a medical license in Canada’s provinces
Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
Information on obtaining certification for technology professionals to work in Canada
Record of Employment Form
This site contains information on employment, insurance, income benefits and much more.
This site is a directory that consists of different aspects of the Canadian labor market.
The International Salary Calculator
This site assists individuals in calculating the cost of living in Canada based on their income.
Canadian Nurses’ Association
Information on working as a registered nurse in Canada
Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
Information on working as an engineer in Canada
Job futures Canada
Information on career trends, qualifications, duties and salary expectations
Work destinations
Various recourses for settling in Canada
Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
Information on requirements to practice in various professions in Canada

Canadian Business Service Centre
This site contains information on starting a business in Canada.
Revenue Canada
This site contains extensive information concerning personal and business taxes and tax credits such as the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED)
Federal Government Information
This site offers information on companies/businesses throughout Canada and also includes trade and investment material as well as information on international business opportunities.
Doing Business in Canada
This site contains basic information on Canada and the Canadian Market
The Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada is Canada’s central bank. The Bank of Canada does not carry out ordinary banking business, nor does it accept deposits from the general public. This site includes a variety of financial statistics, news releases, general and research publications, speeches and information about the various activities of the Bank.
Royal Bank
Royal Bank is Canada’s premier global financial services group with leading market shares in personal financial services, business and investment banking, individual and corporate investment management and securities custody. This site provides information on rates, investment, corporate services and much more.
Commerce Net Canada
This site provides an electronic commerce marketplace for business persons.
The Business Dev’lp. Bank of Canada
This is Canada’s small business bank that provides financial and Management services with emphasis on the emerging and exporting sectors of the economy.
The Universal Currency Converter
This site allows you to perform foreign exchange rate conversion.

Canadian Housing
Rent Canada
This site assists Canadians in finding residential rental properties and leading property management firms.
Canada Mortgage & Housing corporation
This site provides information on housing to all Canadians. Such as buying a home, investing opportunities, housing research and many more.
Real Net Canada
This site provides detailed market information on commercial real estate transactions.
Canadian Apartments For Rent Online
This site provides information in finding an apartment or commercial property in Canada.

Health Care
Health Canada
This site provides information on Canada’s Health Care System.
Health pass
This site provides information on a health insurance plan designed specifically to meet the needs of newly landed immigrants to Canada.