What Our Customers Say

R. & K. D.
Dear Dr. Alemi and the CPNIS family, How grateful I am that I and my husband found CPNIS to process our application going to Canada. It is very true that all the needed support and guidance was extended to us throughout the whole process. We never imagined that we are now enjoying the life here in Canada. It is really a nice place to live in. We will always be proud of CPNIS and we will always recommend this to our friends. This is the company that you can always depend on. It is very fast and true. Thanks for making our dreams come true. Indeed, I will never forget CPNIS throughout our life. We thank the Lord for having you. R. & K. D.
Mon G.
Dear Dr. Alemi, I would like to express my deep gratitude for all your help and guidance now that I am in Canada. Undoubtedly, I made the right decision to entrust my application to CPNIS. The processing of my papers went smooth and seamless from the time of initial filing to the receipt of our Canadian immigrant visas. And indeed, my application was approved sooner than I expected that I had to act faster to pursue my Canadian dream. I landed last November 7, 2010 just in time to witness the coloured autumn leaves here in Vancouver. The snowfall the past few days was also a sight to behold for newcomers like me. My family will soon follow since I decided to allow my kids to finish the school year which luckily comes before the expiration of their visas. Right now, I'm taking one step at a time as I get to know this cool and clean place with so much diversity of culture and people. I'm also attending various programs of certain service organizations that help new immigrants to integrate quickly to the Canadian workforce. Again, thank you so much to you and your professional staff for making this dream a reality. God bless always! Sincerely, Mon G.
Kristel K.C
We cannot put into words how grateful we are for making our dream come true. Thank you very much. Thank you for your patience. We know the path you took in processing my application; it proved the experience of your consultancy was unquestionable. My mom and I will surely recommend CPNIS. I will start giving your website and email address to all of my friends. In case a problem arises, I hope you could still be there to back me up and guide me. Thank you once again for the excellent service rendered to us by you and your staffs to achieve this very major victory in my life. God bless! Kristel K.C
Nhestlei D. R.
To CPNIS Family, First we were a bit worried because we found you through the Internet. But when we visited your office, everybody was so nice, supportive, and approachable which made us feel one hundred percent confident to rely on your service. We want to thank you for all the assistance and guidance all throughout the immigration process, and for all the patience in answering every query that we have by email and phone calls. Everything went so smoothly and quite fast. We are very happy for this successful outcome and we will definitely recommend your immigration services to any friend or family member that needs it. To Dr. Fereidon Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi, it is dream come true for us to give our children a bright future ahead of them. With all gratitude, we are so grateful to become a part of the CPNIS family. It is indeed a worth it experience. Thank you and more power. Nhestlei D. R. Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Katrina M.
Dear ma'am/sir! I just want to thank CPNIS family (and please extend my thank you to Dr. Alemi). I arrived here in Winnipeg (via Toronto-connecting flight) last Saturday midnight. I was supposed to meet with Dr. Alemi in your Toronto office on the 14th but unfortunately, there was a change of plans in my part that's why I opted for the 20th flight. Because of your help, many of my friends and colleagues asked how I got here in Canada, which is why I referred them to contact your office. I know you'll be able to help them as much as you helped me. I'm staying here now in Winnipeg at Kennedy St. and I'm also happy to share with you that I already found work starting on Monday. Though it's not in line with my profession coz I still have to undergo assessment then eventually take the nursing examination, but it be a good opportunity as a starter. So again, thank you and more power! sincerely, Katrina M.
Dear Dr. Alemi, I would like to say a million of thanks for having assisted us in bringing my family here in Canada. We just arrived at our destination yesterday, 21 August 2010. To tell you honestly, I was at first hesitant to have you as immigration adviser/consultant because of the so many immigration scam news. But we decided with my wife to push through because internet verification revealed that you and your institution is one of the licensed and registered firms. Luckily, in less than one year after our application as "in process" status, here we are, landed and reached safely our destination, problem free. Again sir, I salute you for being there with your staff. It's worth. In behalf of my family, thank you very much. EDGAR R. P.
Hector. D.
Sir, To raise my family better, we decided to apply at CPNIS as Immigrants. We though of Canada because we have relatives there and more opportunities there for us to open a new world. But unexpectedly, CPNIS made a great move! Our dreams come to reality. Sir Alemi, we salute you, with your patience and sincerity in helping us, you really point us the way. The way to live. CPNIS, more power to you and God bless! Yours truly, Hector. D.
Sherimar N. A.
On the day that I was told to submit our passport, I could not believe it is coming to reality. Until such time I received our Visa and CPR, my heart was leaping with joy. I remember vividly, when I was still in the process of submitting our documents, Dr. Alemi once told me: ?I will bring you to Canada?. There were waiting and moments of agitation if our applications were approved or not, but I can tell, it is worth the wait. He made true to his words. Now, I could not help but to dry a tear in my eyes whenever I recall what he told me. Dr. Alemi kept his promise. In behalf of my family, I would like to extend my warmest ?Thank you?. You have once made again another difference in one?s family life. Hopes were lighted. Dreams ignited. Waiting paved off. Prayers answered. There is hope to everyone that dreams to live in Canada. I look forward living and be a citizen. Now, I have booked our flights and my children and I can not wait to be there. There is not a single regret that I have since I availed the CPNIS services. Every penny is worth spending. I am very much satisfied with their services. I felt home with the company. The staffs are friendly and very accommodating. I am and will always be proud of CPNIS. You made my life worth more living... You did not disappoint me. To Dr. Alemi, continue helping those who are qualified. There are many Filipino families who want to migrate in Canada and I firmly believe that you are one of those who can help them. You have made a difference in my family life, the more you can too to others. Dreaming does not stop in CPNIS... They make your dreams come true. Congratulation! More power to your company. Sherimar N. A.
Catherine E. B.
I was at work when I read CPNIS on the ad sometime in 2010. It caught my attention. ?Wouldn?t it be nice to immigrate to Canada?? I asked myself. With the many immigration firms around, you never really can tell which ones do really give you the services they claim to offer. It seems that, whatever you choose, it?s a gamble with your hard earned money and time. My husband and I chose to gamble and give it a try. After all, it?s always been our dream to live in a safer place where our daughters can go to school without us having to worry and a place where my husband and I can work our best and be well compensated. So, we set an appointment with the CEO of CPNIS, Dr. Alemi, for evaluation. When he told us that we can be qualified for immigration to Canada, we decided to pursue with the application. Our application for Canada was filed October of the same year. As we went about our daily activities, emails and calls from CPNIS constantly came in to guide us through the process. Our queries were always answered patiently by Dr. Alemi. As it turns out, CPNIS wasn?t a gamble after all, but in fact an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. We were very fortunate to have found the immigration firm that was able to help us. We are now booking for our flight after receiving our visa in just less than a year. We wish to get to Canada before school starts this September to give us time to prepare the kids for school. The family and I are very excited and are looking forward to a great fresh start. Hello Canada! Catherine E. B.
To CPNIS, Thank you so much for the unrelenting assistance that you've given us from the first day when we filled our application until we finally have the permanent resident visas for myself, my wife and my daughter. In a few more days, we will be starting our journey to the land most people are dreaming to live, work, and enjoy life ? Canada... and CPNIS Participation will always be remembered. God bless and more power!! Sincerely yours, A.V.