April 20, 2023

Contrary to POEA’s claim against Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services


Contrary to POEA’s claim against Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services, our immigration firm categorically denies having engaged in any conduct amounting to recruitment and/or employment activities in the Philippines pursuant to Republic Act No. 8042 as amended by Republic Act 10022.

We openly and publicly request and demand POEA to cease and desist from engaging in publication of misleading and deceptive information about Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services and its affiliates. Furthermore, we demand for a full disclosure of this investigation that has led to POEA’s adverse decision to engage in defamatory publications against CPNIS.

CPNIS is prepared to prove its status and professional track record as a respectable law abiding immigration firm in the Philippines. CPNIS is willing to fully comply with any and all applicable relevant laws, rules and regulations in order to reach an amicable conclusion.

CPNIS obtained independent legal counsel in the Philippines and the advice is as following:

I confirm that attached advertisement does not make any claim or representation that you are recruiting persons for employment or offering any job placement services. At most, this ad should be construed as a simple statement or listing of occupations in Canada which are in “high demand”. As far as I can see on its face, there is nothing in the said ad that can be construed as anything that would suggest an offer of “recruitment” or “job placement”. 

Under the Labor Code, “Recruitment” and “Placement” is defined as “any act of canvassing, enlisting, contracting, transporting, utilizing, hiring or procuring workers and includes referrals, contract services, promising or advertising for employment, locally or abroad, whether for profit or not”. On the other hand, the term ‘illegal recruitment” refers to performing or undertaking the said act of “recruitment” and/or “placement” without a license. Based on my personal experience with CPNIS, I can categorically say that it does not engage in these activities. As far as I can say, the services of CPNIS are limited to document facilitation and visa assistance for permanent residency. To reiterate, these do not include any act of “recruitment” or “placement”.

Taking on overall look at the circumstances, as long as no such acts of “recruitment” and “placement” can be attributed to CPNIS, there is no reason for any person to suspect that it is engaged in these activities“.

Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Service (CPNIS), operates under strict licence and direct scrutiny of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), a regulatory body mandated by the Government of Canada to regulate, monitor, discipline Canadian immigration consultants and protect consumer rights. Dr. Fereidon Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi are the ICCRC licence holders of CPNIS which can be verified by visiting the website of ICCRC: http://www.iccrc-crcic.ca

The Canadian Embassy in the Philippines provides strict oversight over all Canadian recruitment agencies and as such they can verify whether CPNIS and/or its affiliates have ever engaged in any recruitment/employment activities or not.

CPNIS, during its tenure of operation in the Philippines and around the globe has always followed, respected and operated in accordance with its regulatory body rules and regulations and the laws of the host country in which it operates.

CPNIS has always endeavored to engage in best industry practices and refrained from any conduct that offends any rules and regulations in Canada or abroad.