June 18, 2020

Dear Dr. Alemi,

We arrived here in Red Deer, Alberta a few days ago. With my wife, Alexis and our 10 month old son, Radley. it was as if we were in a dream sequence of some sort. Way back in the Philippines a couple of years ago, my wife was working as a financial administration officer at Korean Air and I worked as a regular actor for some popular television shows. I thought we were living the ultimate dream with our respective careers. I am also a part-time registered nurse but I know that career wouldn’t suffice for our future, especially my wife was pregnant that time with our first boy.

Before we got married in 2009, as a part-time nurse, I had the luxury of choosing my schedule. So it was when I trained at the Philippine Heart Center as a renal nurse that I knew about CPNIS. My co-trainee introduced me to the CPNIS website. My wife, who was my girlfriend then, was supportive of me to have the agency pave the way to my long-time dream to work abroad. I was completing the necessary requirements when I got called for a special role in an upcoming tv show, May Bukas Pa. I then strayed away from my Canadian dream.

A year after, I got married and my project was over. I also passed my NCLEX exam but no good opportunities for me to work abroad. It was then that turned to CPNIS again. But when doctor Alemi interviewed me again, he suggested I update and upgrade my application to family/immigrant visa instead of working visa when I was still single. I was amazed at this information. So I did everything that was needed for me to do, passed all my requirements on time, met with doctor Alemi everytime he was in the Philippines. And thank God, after 1 year, our immigrant visas arrived. We were so happy and really surprised that we are finally about to live the dream of our lives.

And that’s my story. Everytime friends of mine ask me how we got immigrant visas, I tell them it’s because of CPNIS. We are so thankful to doctor Alemi, and his company, for their warmth, kindness and honesty.  If not for CPNIS we wouldn’t be here in Canada. Thank you, CPNIS.

With much gratefulness,

Robin, Alexis and Radley T.