June 18, 2020

Arden Reyes

Dr. F. Alemi / Dr. A. Alemi & Team,

The journey of my application started long ago and I believe that I’ve made the right decision of trusting my future to your company. Needless to say that I almost succumb of trying my luck again, but I now understand that I was really destined to meet you and further change my life and start a new chapter of it to a place where million people around the world are dreaming of.

It is my heartfelt gratitude of forever be thankful and proud to you both and your team who really did an excellent job during the process of my application until I finally get the most coveted visa. Definitely will I speak of the good services you provided your clients as what my bestfriend did to me.

Again, thank you very much and I will not be saying goodbye, but farewell and see you in Canada. Kudos to you Dr. F. Alemi, Dr. A. Alemi and the whole team.

Yours truly,

Arden Reyes