June 18, 2020

Bryan Suriaga and Sheryl Mae Suriaga

Applying for work abroad is very difficult and entails too much hustle. More so when an individual or the whole family applies as immigrant to a country like Canada. In our expertise, during the processing stage of our application as immigrant to Canada, it is in our mind that it must be too physically, mentally and financially difficult and will cause a lot of work and much money. However our apprehension was wrong. We are indeed so thankful that we entrust the processing of our application as immigrant to Canada with the help of CPNIS. Thank you so much because through the untiring assistance and patience, our long time dream to migrate to Canada was made possible.

We would like also to extend our gratitude to DR F. Alemi and Mr A. Alemi for their expertise in handling our application. Also to Ms Rowena, Ms Jelly, Ms Katty and to everyone who have coordinated with us all throughout the process. God bless and we hope that you continue to help more families to make Canada their next home.