June 18, 2020

Catherine E. B.

I was at work when I read CPNIS on the ad sometime in 2010. It caught my attention. ?Wouldn?t it be nice to immigrate to Canada?? I asked myself. With the many immigration firms around, you never really can tell which ones do really give you the services they claim to offer. It seems that, whatever you choose, it?s a gamble with your hard earned money and time. My husband and I chose to gamble and give it a try. After all, it?s always been our dream to live in a safer place where our daughters can go to school without us having to worry and a place where my husband and I can work our best and be well compensated.

So, we set an appointment with the CEO of CPNIS, Dr. Alemi, for evaluation. When he told us that we can be qualified for immigration to Canada, we decided to pursue with the application.

Our application for Canada was filed October of the same year. As we went about our daily activities, emails and calls from CPNIS constantly came in to guide us through the process. Our queries were always answered patiently by Dr. Alemi. As it turns out, CPNIS wasn?t a gamble after all, but in fact an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. We were very fortunate to have found the immigration firm that was able to help us.

We are now booking for our flight after receiving our visa in just less than a year. We wish to get to Canada before school starts this September to give us time to prepare the kids for school. The family and I are very excited and are looking forward to a great fresh start. Hello Canada!

Catherine E. B.