June 18, 2020

 Charissa F.

CPNIS Services

Expertise, reliability and speed are the three attributes that have most characterized the services received from CPNIS. On my first visit, upon initial assessment, the consultant assured me that I stood a 98% chance of getting an immigrant visa. And they did get the visa for me and my sons, merely a year later. We’re moving to Ontario in April 2012.

True to their part of our agreement,  CPNIS took care of the entire application process and spared me the inconvenience of dealing directly with tedious immigration requirements. All transactions with me were executed with professionalism. They had apparent confidence in their own methods and strategies, and it was reassuring.

I think it all rests on one major strength: CPNIS consultants are intimately familiar with Canadian immigration systems and processes. So they give sound advice, they deliver, and they do it fast.

Charissa F.