June 18, 2020

Charmaine and Zane Paolo Pasion

Praise the Lord for a “dream come true”! Praise the Lord for a “CPNIS existence”!

After twice being swindled by agencies, I was so depressed that I finally decided to let go of my dream to migrate to Canada. I have to accept it was not meant to be. I tried to focus on my work but every now and then, this dream kept haunting me.

Until, I was blessed with a son that I started thinking of his future. He’s so precious to me that I would move heaven and earth to give him the best in life. A quality life, in a world of peace and plenty. That is to me…Canada

I met Dr Alemi thru a friend who has now migrated to Canada. As he talks, he looks you in the eye and you could mirror his honesty, trustworthiness and willingness to help. He explains thoroughly what you need to undergo. As I left his office, hope revived me. I told myself, “this is it”. I’ll take a risk one more time. I was sure this is the last and my dreams will be fulfilled. I signed up to CPNIS. True enough, after months of waiting with CPNIS tireless effort and invaluable assistance, I now hold our VISA.

Words won’t suffice to say how appreciative and thankful I am to Dr Alemi, Mr Ashkan, and the CPNIS staff for paving the way for us “new life”.

God Bless!

Charmaine and Zane Paolo Pasion