June 18, 2020

Cherrylou Almohdar

As a proud nurse from the Philippines, it has always been my passion to enter the medical field and¬†cater to patients suffering from various illnessess and to aid in healing the sick. I’ve always been proud of my profession, and it is my lifelong dream to explore the opportunities waiting for me abroad that would satisfy my thirst for serving humanity. I’ve done some thorough researching on different agencies, looking for the right one to provide my needs – an agency I can trust in leading me to the right place. Alas, I found a bonafide agency legally authorized to handle transactions and communications with the Canadian governement. CPNIS definitely met all the criteria of a trustworthy agency.

I owe my success to Dr Alemi, the person who patiently guided me from the start to finish. Dr Alemi and CPNIS are very transparent with the processing of papers and transaction fees. Iwas always updated with the phase of my application through email, text, and call – a quality you don’t easily get in other companies.

In a few months, I will be leaving for Canada with nothing but gratitude and thanks to Dr Alemi and CPNIS. Thank you for giving me this rare opportunity to serve humanity abroad. A few years from now, I am definitely sure that I will be telling legendary stories on my venture in Canada, and CPNIS definitely be a part of my success story.

Thank you!


Very yours truly,

Cherrylou Almohdar