June 18, 2020

Clifford and Erika Mae Dela Pena

To CPNIS Family,


At the start of our application, My wife and I are pretty much skeptical on whether to pursue our dream that someday we will be able to migrate and live in Canada. We surfed, browsed and read all the sites and information available out there on how to migrate in Canada. A lot of invitations were sent by the agencies we happened to visit during our perquisition. Until a friend and colleague of mine who was been a successful client of Dr Alemi referred us to CPNIS.

So we took a leap of faith, We entrust and pinned our hopes with CPNIS in takin care of our lifelong dream. After a rigourous exchange of email and compelling consultations, finally coming to Canada is just a dream no more.

We, would like to commend the professionalism, straightforward and more importantly patient service the CPNIS has provided us through out the application. We would like to sincerely thank Dr Alemi, Mr Ashkan and the rest of the CPNIS staff in helping us reach our dream. We would also like to personally applaud Ms Rowena Elum for calmly providing us insights and boosting our morale.

Forever grateful,

Clifford and Erika Mae Dela Pena