June 18, 2020



Your assurance in saying that 99% is yours and 1% is mine is really commendable and a REALITY that you can TRUST attaining our DREAMS to have a greener pasture in CANADA.  You really paved the WAY for us, especially to my children to realize their dreams to live in a first world country like CAN ADA.  You and your STAFF in CPNIS deserves to be commended in the utmost level for HELPING us and MANY OTHERS in our QUEST TO LIVE and have a better life in Canada.

Sir, with all my heart I say….. THANK YOU SO MUCH and MORE POWER!

GOD BLESS!!! We will never FORGET your GREAT EFFORT in HELPING US to be an IMMIGRANT in CANADA and this has become a DEBT OF GRATITUDE to you for us to keep in our minds for a LIFETIME.