June 18, 2020

Jay, Mercy & Drew Salazar

All praise & glory be to our God Almighty who made it all possible for bringing into reality our hearts’ desire which is to go and immigrate to Canada. He led us to meet people when my wife was just having her IELTS exam and they became Instruments for us to Know CPNIS.

From the day we asked for the requirements and throughout all the process ( from completing all the requirements, to submitting all the forms to Canadian immigration, receiving the file number to notice for medical and finally receiving our passports with stamped visa), we can really say that all the staff of CPNIS were all there to help us all through it all. Special thanks to Dr. Alemi and Ms. Rowena Elum, Ms. Junne Apolinario, Ms. Sanaz and Ms. Katty M for the all the patience in answering our questions and for all the advices that you have given us.

It will not be that smooth all the way if God would have not used CPNIS.


Thanks CPNIS…. May you continue to help others in their quest of going to Canada.

– Jay, Mercy & Drew Salazar