June 18, 2020

Jesse & Monique Batara

The months of our Canada Permanent Residency application are some of the most crucial months in our lives. I have never been so nervous and pressured and excited all at once before.

Finally, we are at the brink of starting over in our new home, and this is all because of everyone in CPNIS and their hard work in dealing with our case. Everyone needs their worries silenced from time to time, and that is what Miss Rowena Elum did to us while we impatiently waited for the results to come. I will also be constantly grateful for the consultants – Dr. Fereidon and Ashkan Alemi – for putting our documents together for a successful application under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Not everything comes easy, that’s for sure. But when you have professionals in your wing who have had extensive experience in what they do, there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Now, we can get ready to go home — to the home we’ve never been to — and we have the whole team of CPNIS to thank for that.