June 18, 2020

Johanna Marie Blanker

Oct. 11,2016- the day that I have finally held my visa and travel documents from CPNIS. For almost a year of processing and waiting, I can finally be with my husband in Canada. Thanks to Dr. Alemi, Mr. Ashkan Alemi, Ms. Rowena, and all the staff of CPNIS who have patiently replied to my calls, messages, and emails. From the very first day up to the day I received my visa, the staffs have been very prompt and accommodating whenever I contact them for queries and concerns. I commend them for their great service.

Everything seems so surreal- I still can’t believe that this is really the moment I have been waiting for. Aaaaand I will be having my first white Christmas in Canada! I am so excited to start a new life there.

May you continue in helping others reach and live their Canadian dream! God bless you all and more power to CPNIS.


-Johanna Marie Dayot