June 18, 2020

Katrina M.

Dear ma’am/sir!

I just want to thank CPNIS family (and please extend my thank you to Dr. Alemi). I arrived here in Winnipeg (via Toronto-connecting flight) last Saturday midnight. I was supposed to meet with Dr. Alemi in your Toronto office on the 14th but unfortunately, there was a change of plans in my part that’s why I opted for the 20th flight.

Because of your help, many of my friends and colleagues asked how I got here in Canada, which is why I referred them to contact your office. I know you’ll be able to help them as much as you helped me.

I’m staying here now in Winnipeg at Kennedy St. and I’m also happy to share with you that I already found work starting on Monday. Though it’s not in line with my profession coz I still have to undergo assessment then eventually take the nursing examination, but it be a good opportunity as a starter.

So again, thank you and more power!


Katrina M.