June 18, 2020

L. Siruno & L. Divina

I am one of the million people who dreamed to play with those snowflakes, to go to a country that is stable, a country that will benefit me and my family. I am registered nurse and my husband is a medical technologist, hoping to search a country that will provide great opportunities.

During our searching years for our work, one of my relative in Toronto referred CPNIS. It was a blessing that we had a good points for our application, I still remember when Dr F. Alemi told us  “i will bring you to Canada this December!”. I was so excited then and very eager to pursue pur application. We entrusted our fate to them. In CPNIS, all staffs are knowledgable with the simple process. It was February, when we passed our first set of requirements, Dr F. Alemi, Mr Ashkan, and all the staffs were very careful and detailed to what is needed and what will be our next steps, and advices the best steps to take. Where can you find a company that call and texts for updates and they can be emailed to track where our application. Then, month of May came we had our application at the Embassy and was so grateful. Few months later, September came and we had our FILE NUMBER from the Embassy. After couple of weeks, Canadian Embassy issued a request for our Medical; November 10, I surrendered our passport for our visas! Mr Ashkan, assured us to have a white Christmas and and so thankful! Last December 19 we had our VISA and CPR, it was a dream come true, indeed it was the greatest Christmas gift to us!

Our partnership with CPNIS is one of the wisest decision we had, services are overwhelming, they are also considerate to their clients, of course financially and time.  This February 2015, we are flying to Edmonton. We will be forever grateful to CPNIS, our journey to Canada will always be twin with CPNIS- a future success, a forever gratitude to CPNIS. Thank you so much and we pray that CPNIS will continue to make dreams come true, to make a better future…

Again, thank you to CPNIS family! HELLO CANADA!

L. Siruno & L. Divina