June 18, 2020



First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the whole CPNIS team, especially to Dr.F, Mr. Ashkan, Ms. Rowena, and to all the CPNIS team both Manila and Toronto office for realizing our dream to migrate to Canada. Thank you so much for the unlimited patience in answering our queries and following up our papers enthusiastically with the Canadian government. We have no regrets.  I know we have a long way to go in terms of establishing ourselves in Canada but we are on the right track in fulfilling all our aspirations.

The road that we experienced before attaining our permanent residency visa in Canada was very bumpy. My wife and I are both nurses here in the Philippines and at first, we applied for the federal skilled program. Unfortunately, we were not able to pass all the requirements needed in time causing our application to get stagnant and eventually the whole federal skilled program was revised and we were stuck waiting for months for news for it to change again. Actually, it was my fault because I did not take the IELTS exam immediately and because of this Dr. F scolded me??(in his own direct to the point way). Honestly speaking, all our hope was lost that time and we had no where to go. Still Dr. F reassured and told us that “YOU ARE GOING TO CANADA”! This gave us hope. All of a sudden, a new program opened up and immediately they advised us to take it. It was the social support program in Manitoba. All we needed to do was find a relative, or even a friend that will support us socially when we reach Manitoba. Fortunately for us, I had a highschool classmate living there and we talked and she was more than happy to help us. They gave us all the requirements and after that it was smooth sailing. CPNIS made it easy for us, all we had to do was be ready and give all the necessary documents and fees everytime they asked and the rest was history. After 4 months (from the day our documents submitted to the embassy) we received our approval letter. When Ms. Rowena called us and informed us that our Visa has arrived, I can say that it is the best and perfect Christmas gift we ever had. All of these will never be possible if were’nt for the hardwork of all the CPNIS team who took time, effort and patience to cater all the necessary things that needs to be done for our application. Until now, it’s still very surreal to us that WE ARE GOING TO CANADA!!!??…