June 18, 2020

Mary Elledine Guibone & Daryl Acut 

Let me say at the outset that as we are composing this testimonial, my partner and I are already permanently residing in Canada, and in Toronto, no less. Thanks to the efforts of everybody at CPNIS.

Truly, they have been the key to fulfilling our dreams of immigrating to Canada. Dr. Fereidon Alemi and Mr. Ashkan Alemi gave us direction and the necessary motivation to pursue our application. Ms. Rowena Elum was very accomodating and addressed our concerns with the utmost patience. Our agent, Ms. Nona, was very diligent in handling our papers and keeping us updated. The rest of the staff were also polite and very professional in all of our dealings.

CPNIS indeed delivered on their claim that they would help us arrive in Canada and it even took less than a year. Amazing.

To CPNIS, you have our sincerest gratitude. We thank you for providing such exceptional service


Mary Elledine Guibone & Daryl Acut