June 18, 2020

Mary Joy Generoso Valenzuela

Dear Dr alemi and the rest of CPNIS staff,


i cannot thank you enough for the excellent assistance your company has extended me before, during and after i acquired my Permanent Residence Visa here in Canada. after all the steps we had gone through, i realized that there’s nothing really complicated and difficult for a client like me to get what i’ve been really praying for because of the efficient and organized procedures your group have. you know very well what, when, and how to get things done.

i wont be tired of sharing my experience with you with my friends and relatives, especially those who are asking me how i was able to land and migrate here in Canada. i wish you all the best and congratulations again for the outstanding services you have always been offering to your clients like me. Cheers!

Yours truly,

Mary Joy Generoso Valenzuela