June 18, 2020

Michael D. Y.

A very good friend of the family recommended CPNIS to my husband and I.  With no hesitation, we visited the CPNIS office the next day and we were met by Dr. Alemi and his team of professionals. The rest I can say is history because (and I am typing this with a BIG smile) we are also leaving for Canada! *happy dance*

The big move to Canada can be overwhelming and a great unknown for most of us. All we have is the internet and the hearsays of others to tell us how it’s done, but we can’t rely on everything we hear and read online. The Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services (CPNIS) provides and delivers professional advice and assistance we need in each crucial stage to the next.

From day one of our consultation, we saw that they were very careful in handling and putting together all our documents. Dr. Alemi and Mr. Ashkan both gave us their most honest judgement and although worry is something we cannot avoid, they assured us every step of the way. Most importantly, they delivered and very true to their word.  We just have to trust the process and most of all trust God that His time is the most perfect time.

CPNIS has become family throughout this part of our journey to Canada and their good hearts and good works will be our word of mouth to anyone who dreams of going to Canada.

Thank you, Ms. Rowena Elum for your professionalism and your never-ending patience.

Thank you, Mr. Ashkan and to Dr. Alemi – my husband and I, together with our families, are truly happy we took this journey with you.

God bless CPNIS! See you all in Canada!

-Michael D. Y.