June 18, 2020

Mr. And Mrs. Mark Tayamen & Family

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this exquisite gift that we received from the Lord. Indeed, when we ask for His guidance & delight in His plans He surely clears the path and grants the desires of our hearts; albeit we face challenges along the road to success.

We can count the years on our fingers back when we were just wondering, dreaming and contemplating about CANADA. Just like when we say faith without action is dead, dreams without perseverance is also impossible. And now that we are already embracing this wonderful breakthrough in our little family we would like to share some tips by which we hope can uplift aspiring applicants:

(In the acronym CPNIS)

C – ARPE DIEM! Yes, seize the day. Opportunity only knocks once, cliche as it may seems. But if you believe you possess what it takes for you to pursue the Canadian Dream, then work for it & make it happen. Claim it!

P – RAYERS MOVE MOUNTAINS! Yes, prayers make the impossible possible just like faith. Confidence in ourselves comes from all our achievements & acquired knowledge/skills. But let us not forget that true confidence comes from God alone.

N – EVER DOUBT Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services, Inc.! If you, just like us, have extended your hopes & dreams into the hands of Dr. Fereidon Alemi / Sir Ashkan Alemi then there is no reason for you to shake. CPNIS is the BEST! We can surely attest to that. And we need not to expound on their expertise because obviously, they were able to make our application successful.

I – MPART GRATITUDE! Always be thankful from the beginning to the end of the entire immigration process. Never forget those people wither close friends, family or colleagues who surely gave you their love, support and words of wisdom as you try to widen your horizon.

S – HARE YOUR BLESSINGS! This is a very particular trait to us Filipinos & we would like to radiate this positivity wherever we shall go in life. The secret to endless joy is learning how to share sincerely and not taking note on every good thing that you do.

Again, we are expressing our most genuine “THANK YOU” to 1.) the Lord Almighty for making this impossible dream possible; 2.) CPNIS Family spearhead by the ever energetic & accommodating Dr. F. Alemi, Sir Ashkan Alemi, Ms. Katty, Ms. Rowena Elum & the rest of the staff & crew working altogether for the triumph of each application; and 3.) Our Family/Relatives and Friends for their utmost support, love and prayers.

God Bless you more CPNIS!

Thank you very much!

~Mr. And Mrs. Mark Tayamen & Family