June 18, 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Herbano

Indeed, CPNIS is truly a remarkable firm that helps aspiring migrants to achieve their Canadian dream. Two thumbs up to the staff that works hard in giving their best effort, time and making sure to submit our documents on time. To Ms. Rowena Elum, thank you for your hospitality and tireless efforts in updating us with regards to our application status. You never failed to explain to us every detail so that we can fully grasp what is happening in our file. I can still remember the happiness in your voice when you told me that we have our medical request (fresh from the Canadian Embassy). I am glad and grateful that in every struggle and joy you were always kind enough to explain and to cheer us up. A million thanks to you!

To Mr. A Alemi and Dr. F Alemi, you both are brilliant. You provide us all the knowledge and hope during the application process. You guys treated us as family. You were like a father and brother to us, who in times of difficulties, you always have the solution. After my interview our application got more complicated but Dr. F Alemi gave us a positive view despite the complications. You never let us down, without your assistance our Canadian dream will not be possible. Words cannot describe our deepest gratitude towards these gentlemen! Keep up the good work and God will always guide you in helping others.

To my fellow aspirants, if you want to love and work in Canada I will strongly recommend CPNIS. From the intricate details of your application up to VISA approval, they will surely guide you and treat you as family. CPNIS is not all about money; it’s all about FAMILY and positive outcome. Once again, thank you CPNIS for a job well done. And God bless us all!


Warm Regards,


Mr. & Mrs. Herbano