June 1, 2020

Paul, Anne, Joaquin Ruiz

Time flies so fast and It is only a matter of three weeks before our anticipated landing in Toronto in June 2018. I look back at all the things that transpired in the last couple of months and I still can’t believe that we will finally be making our way to Canada as a permanent resident. Not all aspirants are given the opportunity to experience what Canada has to offer and we are so blessed to be given this chance.

Immigrating to another country is a big decision and immigration goals can be very difficult to achieve if you don’t have a partner to lean on. How do you start? Which immigration program is ideal for me? What documents and credentials are needed? What are my chances for success? I’m afraid of misrepresentation, how can I avoid one? You think about these stuff and ask these questions all the time and your stress level raises to a higher level. The game changer? CPNIS! When our registered consultants picked up the slack and represented our application, it boosted our morale and our confidence started to kick in knowing that they will do everything in their knowledge and expertise to bring us that coveted PR Visa and make our Canadian dreams come true.

I would like to extend my heartfelt and sincerest gratitude to Dr. Alemi, Ashkan and Arman who lead the way and processed our application. It was silky smooth! After receiving our ITA in November 2017 and clearing up medicals in December, our much sought visas were finally stamped in early February 2018. That’s speed right at the get go! If they will tell you they will get the job done, they will deliver and keep their promise. They really mean business. They exploit speed for better services. Special thanks also go to Rowena Elum for responding always to my communications and sticking with us throughout the whole process from start to finish. Thank you for your passion and commitment to serve your clients. To Karen, Jelly, Kathy and the rest of the CPNIS crew in Manila and Toronto, thank you for all your efforts and for being part of our journey to Canada.

I would definitely recommend CPNIS to my colleagues and peers. If you’re serious about your move to Canada, please take a realistic assessment, be competitive, know the current immigration news and let CPNIS handle your application and take you to the promise land.

Lots of love,