June 18, 2020

Paula Quiambao

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to CPNIS esp.to Dr. F. Alemi and Ashkan. Thank you for the many advice and for the fast processing of my immigrant visa after I have decided to go for it. We are very delighted to hear the news of my visa approval, and soon to be able to see a new and prosperous country to build experiences in. My parents were more than happy to know that there

exist a hardworking team where the staff are friendly and the consultants are sincere and trustworthy. I also appreciate the extra push that you gave me in submitting my documents despite my hesitations and sluggishness, and of course the expert advice on how to go about things in becoming a “newcomer” in Canada.

All these encouraged me to explore and experience a new world with a system
that’s too different from where I grew up.

-Nurse Paula Quiambao 🙂