June 18, 2020

Rachel Javier

Dear Dr. F Alemi,

Hello! I’m sorry this came a little late than it was supposed to. I’m not really good with words but I would just like to send my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for making it possible for me to come to Canada. It was really assuring on my part that I wont have to worry about all the necessary requirements to send and just go about with my daily life.  I was really hesitant about the expenses at first and all that but I know it was worth it. I am very grateful that you have been very patient with me answering all my queries and you have been explaining to me what is happening along the way. I kept on emailing you and you were personally answering every single email though I know you are a very busy man. Especially when I was refused by the Canadian government, you did not give up and fought for my case. I was really frustrated and sad at that time but you reassured me that you will bring me to Canada and you have kept your word.  It was all due to a misunderstanding and I was touched that you even had 2 lawyers fixing my case. I don’t think any other migrating agency would go to that extent just for a single client. I have been here for a month now and I am processing my assessment as a Registered Nurse. I wouldn’t be here without your assistance, so again, THANK YOU 🙂  I pray that you will always have good health so you can assist more family and individuals like me. More Power!

Kind regards,

Rachel 🙂