June 18, 2020

Robin Rae Karla Quirante

To Sir Ashkan Alemi and all of the CPNIS Staff:

First, allow me to say thank God for the many answered prayers that went with the processing of my application for Canada. When my sister-in-law recommended CPNIS, it was to me an answered prayer. When after Mr. Ashkan Alemi’s evaluation of my resume and personal records, he said I would qualify, that too was an answered prayer. The efficiency of the CPNIS staff, from Mr. Ashkan down to the staff that came with him to Cebu, the support of my family and now that I shall be leaving for Canada in a few weeks, they were all answered prayers. Thank you Lord.

Words will never enough to express my utmost gratitude to Sir Ashkan Alemi, who all this time remained confident and positive that I will be able to go to Canada. Thank you to Ms. Junn Apolinario, for constantly updating my brother and sister-in-law who are already in Edmonton. Thank you to Miss Rowena, for constantly updating me regarding my application, consistently answering my questions and at the same time remaining positive as well. Thank you to Miss Jelly and Miss Katy for their constant correspondence through email and updates regarding my application.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, CPNIS for being true to the last letter of your name, CPNIS which stands for SERVICE. You have truly served well.


Thank you.

Robin Rae Karla Quirante