June 18, 2020

Rod Mark Sotelo Dayot

“Patience is Bitter,
But it’s fruit is Sweet”

It has been almost everyone’s dream to go out of the country either to go on a vacation or even to live and earn. To some, it may not be a big deal. But for most including myself, it becomes a life changing journey to start a new life.

It was just over a year ago since I found out about CPNIS from a relative. At first I never had any idea of this agency since I only knew it for a short time. yes of course I am scared of being a victim of scams and etc. But upon reading all their credentials and testimonies from their client, I have then decided to take my chances and lay my future of going abroad through this agency. Then I started to arrange appointments with their representatives during their visit in Davao once a month.

After my first meeting with the representative, I was then briefed of the things that I need to comply. We then started immediately with everything as they have started asking all about my profile. I liked their way because they simply wanted to get along to business just like having a target and attaining their goals at the most shortest time as possible. Then months go by and then they continuously ask for further requirements that the embassy wants me to comply. And along the way, CPNIS always do update you with regards to your application.

I was then called to have my Medical Exam around 9 months after. Yes as fast as that I am already at my near completion of my VISA. But due to certain circumstances, the embassy had a problem with regards to a certain part in my application in which I need to comply asap. Good thing that CPNIS immediately informed me with this problem and that they assisted me to solve the problem immediately. Then it was last March of 2015 that the embassy already did put a visa on my passport.

Of course with all of the processing and the troubles that the agency went to in order to make our dream come true, there is always a cost that could never disregard. Yes I spend money during the course of my application and it is not that easy to just ask for money and pay for it. But one thing I am sure is that all the money and time I’ve spent is not comparable to what CPNIS did for me. All I just did is to submit all the things they asked me to and pay the necessary fees for my application and wait. I could testify that the wait is worth it.

It has been of my great pleasure knowing CPNIS. You guys are truly amazing!!! So to those who are in the verge of attaining their dream, I will leave you with just a simple message. BE PATIENT. Just because something isn’t happening to you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

I’ll see you guys in Canada in the future. ^_^

Thank you CPNIS!!!
God Bless and God Speed!!!


Very truly yours,

Rod Mark Sotelo Dayot