June 18, 2020

Shelley Jo Saracin

I first met Dr. Alemi in 2010 when he told me I was qualified for a PR Visa to Canada. But back then I was not ready to immigrate, so I forgot about Canada and CPNIS.

Six years later, in January 2016, I found those old CPNIS papers detailing what to do and how much to pay and everything else about CPNIS’ services. I already had my Master’s degree then and there was no reason to not apply for a Canadian Visa. So in February 2016, six years after I first met him, I met with Dr. Alemi again. He asked me: “You’ve been here before. Are you serious this time?” I was. And so I began my application for a PR Visa to Canada.

Even if Canadian Immigration will tell you that you can apply independently, I chose CPNIS to represent me because of their professional expertise. I also chose them because their consultants are registered with the CIC (I checked many times!). They will advise you, give you checklists, and answer your many many questions. I know because I email them often (usually Dr. Alemi) and I message the staff and Ms. Rowena a lot as well.

Having professionals take care of the details for you makes a world of difference. They will be the ones to worry about your application and advice you of what you need to do to get your visa. You just follow their instructions. Once you have submitted all your documents (which is a lot of personal legwork), all you need to do is pray and wait. Thank you, CPNIS!