June 18, 2020

Sherimar N. A.

On the day that I was told to submit our passport, I could not believe it is coming to reality. Until such time I received our Visa and CPR, my heart was leaping with joy.

I remember vividly, when I was still in the process of submitting our documents, Dr. Alemi once told me: ?I will bring you to Canada?. There were waiting and moments of agitation if our applications were approved or not, but I can tell, it is worth the wait. He made true to his words. Now, I could not help but to dry a tear in my eyes whenever I recall what he told me. Dr. Alemi kept his promise.

In behalf of my family, I would like to extend my warmest ?Thank you?. You have once made again another difference in one?s family life. Hopes were lighted. Dreams ignited. Waiting paved off. Prayers answered. There is hope to everyone that dreams to live in Canada. I look forward living and be a citizen. Now, I have booked our flights and my children and I can not wait to be there.

There is not a single regret that I have since I availed the CPNIS services. Every penny is worth spending. I am very much satisfied with their services. I felt home with the company. The staffs are friendly and very accommodating. I am and will always be proud of CPNIS. You made my life worth more living… You did not disappoint me.

To Dr. Alemi, continue helping those who are qualified. There are many Filipino families who want to migrate in Canada and I firmly believe that you are one of those who can help them. You have made a difference in my family life, the more you can too to others.

Dreaming does not stop in CPNIS… They make your dreams come true.

Congratulation! More power to your company.

Sherimar N. A.