June 18, 2020

Tony & Daisy

We are beyond words in expressing our gratitude to the people who made it all possible!

Before we met Dr. Alemi and CPNIS, our only wish is to bring our children with us when go to Canada in our next visit as tourists. Little did we know that our wish will be granted and more! My whole family is scheduled to leave for Toronto in July not as visitors , but with Canadian immigrant visas!

Ours is a very difficult and challenging case, the fear that we will not make it is always there. But Dr. Alemi and his team were always there, supporting us, giving us expert advices, guiding us in every step of the way, providing answers to each and every question that we have and keeping us focused whenever difficulties arise. Coupled with our prayers, positive attitude and our good intentions to be law-abiding citizens of Canada, we are now just a stone’s throw away from the land of our dreams. In return, we commit ourselves to contribute our talent and skills to the ever growing economy of Canada, which we believe is the main reason why Canada wants us.

We will forever be grateful to you, Dr. Alemi, Rowena and the rest of the CPNIS team! We will be your walking advertisements of the excellent service that you are providing to your clients. We were not mistaken when we chose you, and we know other would-be immigrants will say the something to you.

Till then, see you in Toronto!

Tony & Daisy