June 18, 2020

Yong Family

To CPNIS Family,

In behalf of our family, we would like to say “Thank You” especially to the people who made our dream come true to come to Canada, our new home, place to live. To Doc Alemi & Mr. Ashkan Alemi, our sincerely thank you for helping us, considering how difficult and complicated our papers. It’s been five years since we applied to your office & told you our story. Without any hesitation you and your team believed that we can do this and now we have our visa and ready to fly to our new place.

To Ms. Rowena Elum, thank you for helping us complete our documents and thanks for your patience for the stressful moments we have shared throughout the years. More than helping us to keep better and now as we go on our new journey of our life to start living to the fullest.

We do hope that our articles will inspire many people to go to your team and help them pursue their dream to go to Canada and build a good future.

Once again, thank you and may the good Lord bless you!

~ Yong Family