What Our Customers Say

Cresta R. Oba
Cebu City
I would like to thank Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services Inc. (CPNIS), who has helped me with my endeavor in going to Canada. Atty. Arman, Mr. Ashkan, and the team have been nothing but accommodating and supportive through out the application process. To anyone who wishes to make their way to Canada, I would definitely recommend CPNIS. They are a reliable and transparent company.
Frances Joy Magpantay
Dear Dr. Alemi, In behalf of my family, I would like to sincerely extend our appreciation to you and to all of your staffs for helping and guiding us all throughout our application process. We are really grateful upon receiving our visas today. Living in Canada is our family's dream which you have played a huge part in making it a reality. With your help and direction, we were able to overcome and see what we need to do towards the success of our application. Once again, a million of thanks to you and the whole team for making our dream a reality.
Mc NIel S. Tigmo
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and the whole Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services Inc. (CPNIS) family, for helping me throughout the entire process of my Permanent Residence application. It has been an easy and speedy process of my journey to Alberta because of your help. My special thanks to Ms. Rowena Elum in Manila for her patience in always guiding me and answering my concerns every time I need it. I would highly recommend Canadian Provincial Nominee & Immigration Services (CPNIS) to my friends and family who plan to immigrate here in Canada. Once again, thank you to the CPNIS family. More power and God bless.
Fleur Marlyn T. Teng
I’ve always wanted to go and live in Canada since I was a kid. I first heard about the country opening its doors to immigrants when I was just in Grade School. I didn’t get the chance to go because we didn’t have friends or relatives who were there and I was too young to stand on my own two feet. So since no one else was interested, I had to let it pass. I heard another opportunity when I was in High School, and a lot of my classmates’ families applied. But sad to say, I didn’t get to go again because mine was focused here in the Philippines. After finishing my studies, working in the corporate world, and then deciding to pursue further studies, CPNIS kept popping out from my news feed in facebook, and that’s where I thought that this must be a sign that I have to try for Canada. There was a free pre-assessment, and I took a shot since it wouldn’t really hurt to try. In just a matter of days, CPNIS sent me and email and told me that I am qualified to apply for an Express Entry Skilled Worker for Canada! All I can say is that I was very excited because finally, I can fulfill my childhood dream. I went to my appointment with CPNIS, everything was thoroughly explained, went through the process, and the agency guided me all the way. They represented me and made it possible for my visa to be granted so smoothly. I placed my whole trust in them, and they didn’t disappoint. I rarely trust people, more so an agency, but this was the best decision I have ever made to fully entrust my future for Canada in their hands. 2 years have passed (this was due to the delay in my 2nd course’s diploma), and I am proud to say that I am finally heading to Canada with my head held high, fully prepared, and packed with hopes and dreams. Why you may ask? Because CPNIS has taught me through every step both here in the Philippines and in Canada. They laid it out for me step by step on what to do here and what I would have to do, expect, and go through once I land in Canada. I am truly thankful and blessed to have found CPNIS as the agency to process my papers and secure my future in Canada. If you’re looking for a trust worthy, reliable, friendly, and very accommodating agency, look no further because CPNIS has the whole package. Thank you CPNIS family! Not only did I find a great agency, I also got to develop friendships that I know would last.
Immee B. Auguis
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the whole CPNIS family, for helping and guiding me all throughout my application for my Canada journey. It may have some bumps and humps along the way, but it is my pleasure to be guaranteed a future in Canada. Thank you for your accommodation and support throughout the process. I would highly recommend CPNIS to my colleagues and friends. Again, thank you to the CPNIS family. God speed!
J.A. De Jesus
Our Application was a complicated one considering that there are limited legal documents for same-sex couples that bind us together here in the Philippines to be considered as partners. CPNIS was then referred to us by a family friend, and they helped us with our case. They helped us with the documents and proofs that we need to submit for the embassy to recognize us as partners. They processed our application in the soonest possible time, and is responsive with all our inquiries. It was a long journey, with hiccups along the way, but it all turned out well thanks to the assistance of CPNIS, Dr. Alemi and Ms. Rowena. Again I would like to say thanks to CPNIS for all the assistance!
Hi, Dr.Alemi/Ashkan. A pleasant day to you both and your staff. Today, It was August 24th that I was able to take my Canadian Citizenship Oath Taking Ceremony, and now, i just received my Canadian passport. Everything went well after almost 4 years when i received my PR Visa through your assistance. Thanks for being an instrument on making our dreams come into reality. Again, Thank you and more power to you and your team. Keep up the fire burning for those who want their Canadian dream come true. Best regards, Arden Canadian Citizen
Theresa Cortes
I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to CPNIS, most especially to Mr. Ashkan Alemi and Ms. Rowena Elum. They have both been very helpful and accommodating throughout this entire process. From the initial assessment up until the Visa stamping, the CPNIS staff were always attentive, responsible, and courteous. I wish you all the best.
Anna Carissa Silva
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of CPNIS Manila and CPNIS Toronto for turning my dream into a reality. The entire process was definitely not a walk in the park but I managed to obtain my Permanent Residence status in Canada through the unparalleled support and proper guidance from perfectly competent and passionate people from CPNIS. I am greatly satisfied with their efficient service and exceptional professionalism which have made the waiting game worth its while. Special thanks to Dr. F. Alemi for the astounding dedication and his eagerness to go beyond extra mile. His knowledge and expertise has led me to where I am now and I am thankful beyond measure! I would also like to commend Mr. Ashkan Alemi, Ms. Rowena, Ms. Karen, Ms. Katty Mac, Ms. Sanaz Mirhabibi and Ms. Natalya Sartain for their unlimited assistance and willingness to help at all times. I am very pleased to know that my PR application has been treated with highest priority and utmost respect. It is very rare that you can find an immigration company turned into family. Soon, my feet will land on Canadian soil and I will always carry with me the success and hardships that went hand in hand as I open this new chapter in my life. Through faith, perseverance and positive outlook, nothing is impossible. I am genuinely proud to be a CPNIS client. Indeed, they truly exploit speed for better services!